This years madden was supposed to fix

This years madden was supposed to fix

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This years madden was supposed to fix those issues but rather they made an even larger issue entirely where LBs didn't react at corners and all would sit in zones rather than playing the recipients that went into their region of the area. My point is, EA can't code to defend the pass match for shit and they probably decided Mut 20 coins was better for them to just buff the run so that more players can score without feeling overly stressed. It's probably not going away together with the amount of players they have brought in this year although I hate the run meta.

I agree 110% with this. Abilities need to be eliminated out of Madden nfl when 1 thing happens. This 1 thing is the ness of the abilities on the CPU participant compared to a CPU with no Abilities. Like this year that the CPU is on Legend difficulty, but with skills he plays like x3 Legend in comparison to other CPU's. Animations that are consistent would be totally horrible. It woukd worse than what it is. People would learn rinse/repeat and how to trigger them. You used to get this done with Rocket catches.

This really is a mountain till we get true AI you'll have to perish on. Tackling forward also occurs in real life every game. Often. I'm waiting to see the problem here. What is the case is people attempt exactly the exact same thing over and over. Or they don't reposition a participant to put him in place to pay this. I personally rarely blitz. And as individuals roll out to my QB get coverage sacks or sacks contain. Jumping, that is likely bad stick or an attribute issue. I've exactly the same problem of madden coins for sale but if you are changing instructions, turning last minute, etc you should not be able to simply jump.

Define smooth? When a connection is great usually Madden nfl play is solid. Welcome to MUT. What type of communication do you really want and need? Because they must submit everything to Sony and Microsoft to acquire approval part of not communication is. Can release/patch update anything. If they had been to announce and Sony/Microsoft push back, a release becomes delayed.
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