Tbh RS3 isn't that bad

Tbh RS3 isn't that bad

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Tbh RS3 isn't that bad. You know what is, though? Having the first couple of hyperlinks function as Fandom wiki. They will need RuneScape gold to eliminate that thing. RS3 in its core isn't a match, the MTX killed any possibility that was legit that game needed. Agreed. My flair on that subreddit is just Fuck Treasure Hunter. I believe the issue is that the people that hate treasure hunter that the most simply keep quitting. The mtx problem keeps getting worse, and the community was vocal about hating mtx. So Jagex no more has incentive to take care of anti mtx RuneScape playerbases (not enjoy that stopped them from not caring in the first place).

I'd be willing to provide RS3 an attempt if it weren't for the microtransactions. It looks alright other. Play ironman mode or don't let it get to you. Take pride in what you do rather than what others do. Ca avoid RuneScape players. PK'ers are a thing, and even in the event that you manage to prevent them, RuneScape player minigames are still a thing.when you stated mtx I assumed you meant people buying xp. Unless it suits, one thing to note is you cant have some overrides from the wilderness. For instance you might have in case you've got the dragon chainbody that is regular on a retro dragon chainbody override.

Your answer to the solution didnt make sense. Then you said"you cant prevent other RuneScape players" - which wasn't their proposed solution. You're able to play iron man mode and when someone else purchases MTX it doesn't have an effect to buy 2007 runescape gold on you.I do not follow. Playing as an iron mann't avoids microtransactions. In the event that you prevent the market economy of Runescape you are still sharing a planet with all those other RuneScape players. People who have bought mtx then damage that expertise. Those who shelled out cash for advantages will have an edge in pvp scenarios, and individuals who paid for vanity purposes simply destroy the aesthetic of RuneScape with their appearances.
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